Baby car seat

Ensures protection and safety, allows for the best position to be more comfortable during the journey.

We have different sizes and models available.

Days Price
1 €4

Car Booster Seat

A car booster seat is a safety device that is obligatory for children less than 1.35 metres in height, and is optional for children up to 1.5 metres. It's aimed at children between 6 and 11 years old that weight between 22 and 36 kilos.

The child is held by the seatbelt of the car. The design also ensures a comfortable position during the journey.

Days Price
1 €4


We have an easy-foldable model of cot that is easy to transport and has soft walls to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby.

It also has high sides to prevent falling.

Days Price
1 €4
  • Mattress €5 extra

Cot Mattress

Our cot mattress is made from foam and latex and has removable covers.

Days Price
1 €5

Bed rail

The bed safety rail is useful for children in the phase between the cot and a real bed, it helps to avoid the child from falling from the bed when they roll over.

We have a foldable model that is easily installed by fitting it underneath the matress, and it's not necessary to remove it to make the bed.

Days Price
1 €4

Chicco/McLaren Pushchair

Practical and easy-to-use design. Foldable front bar, reclinable seat, umbrella style closing and pivoting front wheels.

Days Price
1 €7
2 €8
3 €10
4 €13
5 €15
6 €20
7 €25

Twin Pushchair

We have a comfortable model with independently adjustable backrests. The hoods are adjustable in four positions.

It has a light and compact structure with an umbrella-style closing system.

Days Price
1 €10
2 €15
3 €20
4 €25
5 €30
6 €35
7 €40


We are able to provide an adjustable modle with a four-position harness, a tray and front wheels for movement.

Days Price
1 €4

Baby First Steps Walker

The baby first steps walker is designed to teach children how to walk in comfort and safety. It gives the child more autonomy in learning to walk, giving them the opportunity to explore their environment alone.

It includes a platform with toys to entertain the child at the same time as stimulating their cognitive development. The child should be watched by an adult during use.

Days Price
1 €4